Fern Orie Joins WIEDC as Interim CEO

The Wisconsin Indigenous Economic Development Corporation (WIEDC) is pleased to announce that Fern Orie has joined our organization as Interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

“Fern is a founding member of the WIEDC. Her vision for our organization and her leadership throughout the years have been impactful and is significant to bringing us to where we are today. We are pleased to welcome her to this role as we continue our work and look to the future,” said Pamela Boivin, Chairwoman of WIEDC.

“WIEDC is focused on building financial sovereignty in Wisconsin’s Native communities, and Fern’s experience and knowledge is invaluable as we move forward. We acknowledge the work Jennifer Peters has done and wish her well in future endeavors,” Pamela continued.

Fern is the CEO of The Matriarch Group, and will serve WIEDC on a part-time, contractual basis for the next several months. Prior to founding The Matriarch Group, Fern worked at Oweesta Corporation and founded the Wisconsin Native Loan Fund, where she served as the CEO.


About the Wisconsin Indigenous Economic Development Corporation:
The Wisconsin Indigenous Economic Development Corporation (WIEDC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and a coalition of non-profit Native Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs).

Our mission is to expand Native economic development by building the financial sovereignty of Native individuals, families, Native-owned businesses, Tribal enterprises and communities in Wisconsin. Working together, WIEDC’s Members collaborate and leverage resources to maximize access to loans, training and counseling to best serve the enrolled Members of the 11 Federally recognized Tribes in Wisconsin – both on and off reservation communities.

Learn more at WIEDC.org.