Indian Business Alliances: Shared Vision and Intersecting Pathways

Driven by mutual values and goals, Indian Business Alliances in the Federal Reserve Bank’s Ninth District achieve successful outcomes using innovative and tailored strategies.

By: Sandy Gerber, Community Development Senior Project Manager

Since 2006, the Minneapolis Fed has supported the development and growth of Indian Business Alliances (IBAs) in five of the six states comprising the Fed’s Ninth District—Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. In our recent blog (January 10, 2018) Indian Business Alliances: Rooted in Entrepreneurship, Growing Native Economies, we shared the history and framework of the IBAs. This article delves deeper into their shared strategies and accomplishments.

Over the last decade, the five Indian Business Alliances have accrued a number of accomplishments that have improved the environment for Native entrepreneurs on and near the reservations they represent. At times, the Alliances have unintentionally replicated methods, activities, and achievements, demonstrating that there are shared features to making entrepreneurship work in Native communities. The Alliances have also had many opportunities to learn from each other and share best practices.

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