Jennifer Peters Hired as CEO


January 4, 2023

Pamela Boivin, Chairwoman

Jennifer Peters, CEO


Pamela Boivin, Chairwoman of the Wisconsin Indigenous Economic Development Corporation (WIEDC), announces the hiring of Jennifer L. Peters as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the organization.

“I am pleased to announce that Jennifer has joined the WIEDC as our CEO. Jennifer’s diverse background, skills and experience were the perfect fit for our organization. Her dedication and accomplishments at the Wolf River Development Corporation, as well as her leadership at the Menominee Tribal Enterprises, are key to our organization as we move forward in our mission to building financial sovereignty for Wisconsin’s Tribal enterprises and communities, individuals, families and Native-owned businesses,” said Ms. Boivin.

Ms. Peters obtained her MBA in 2013, and has served as an Associate Administrator for the College of Menominee Nation. She held leadership positions with the Menominee Casino Resort and the Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin. She served as the General Manager for the Wolf River Development Company and the Menominee Tribal Enterprises (MTE). Prior to joining the WIEDC, Ms. Peters was the President at the MTE.

“The most enjoyable time in my career has been working in the economic and business development area. We created and developed new businesses and services for the Menominee Tribe and the Membership; we brought new revenue streams to the Tribe. This was very satisfying – knowing that we were helping our community. That led me to my interest in working with WIEDC. We are now looking at economic development from a new view, still allowing us to help not only the Menominee community but all of Wisconsin’s Tribal communities,” Ms. Peters shared.

“As I work with our Board of Directors to build the WIEDC, my goals are to identify contacts with each Tribe and have the conversations to identify what each community needs so that the WIEDC can determine how to help them. Our goal is to bring Native Business Hubs to each Tribal community to leverage and multiply the resources and services needed to advance Tribal businesses, communities, and economic development by assisting individual Tribal Member consumers and homeowners, as well as through the growth and diversification of Native businesses and Tribal entities,” Ms. Peters continued.

Ms. Peters has been married to her husband Karl for 22 years. They have three children: Bobby (23), Jadyn (20) and Karl Jr. (12). Bobby and girlfriend, Kalynn Merino, have a handsome two-year-old, Bobby Jr.

Ms. Peters enjoys hanging out with her family, whether it’s a family trip, dinner or being at the lake. She says, “As long as we’re together, it doesn’t matter what we are doing.”



The Wisconsin Indigenous Economic Development Corporation (WIEDC), formally known as the Wisconsin Indian Business Alliance (WIBA), is a coalition of non-profit organizations with a mission to expand Native economic development by building the financial sovereignty of Native individuals, families, Native-owned businesses and communities in Wisconsin.

Working together, WIEDC Members are Native Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) that collaborate and leverage resources to maximize access to loans, training and technical assistance to best serve Members of the 11 federally recognized Tribes in Wisconsin – both on and off reservation communities.

WIEDC Members collectively work to bring millions of dollars to Wisconsin Indian Country from corporations, foundations and government programs to deliver our continuum of loan products and capacity-building technical assistance services to Native individuals, families, businesses and communities.

The WIEDC is proud to be a Key Strategic Partner of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) and the Oweesta Corporation.

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