NiiCaP Assists in Funding MTE Scale

Media Release
March 13, 2023

Pamela Boivin, Executive Director and Loan Officer


NiiCaP Assists in Funding MTE Scale

First load of wood weighed on the new scale

The Menominee Tribal Enterprises (MTE) recently purchased a new scale to significantly upgrade its capacity, and NiiJii Capital Partners, Inc. (NiiCaP) assisted MTE with securing funding.

“The new scale will increase road safety, provide options for revenue generation of potential fines for overloading, better management of the weight of incoming and outgoing goods, as well as safety for drivers are just a few of the benefits of the new scale,” said Pamela Boivin, Executive Director and Loan Officer with NiiCaP.

Trucking has been a consistent issue for MTE. Based on the feedback from MTE’s mill assessment, recommendations on improvement and consistency to increase productivity are MTE’s focus. NiiCaP has been working with MTE through the More Logs Steering Committee, and is aware of MTE’s financial position and recent leadership change. NiiCaP is confident that the new initiatives and efforts have significantly increased the company financially, and projections continue to meet new goals and objectives.

NiiCaP and MTE have worked together on several initiatives including technical assistance for more than 14 years. Recent audited financial statements illustrate the economic impact and efficiency of the operations. Even in challenging economic times, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, MTE continues to recover and grow. Company-wide activities since 2020 have been clearly identified and implemented to increase productivity.

Mike Grignon, William “Duke” Duquain, Walker Miller, Pamela Boivin, Mike Waukau, Rainer Shooter

The 2019 and 2020 years were tough for many businesses, especially in the logging industry. However, that trend shifted positively 2021, and is projected to continue to grow. MTE has reorganized its upper level management team, and they have championed a company revitalization. NiiCaP continues to support diverse efforts of MTE, and are offering technical assistance and support to ensure the team has the financial and operational resources they need.

“I consider MTE one of Menominee’s biggest assets. My father, Orman Waukau, Jr., told me that our biggest asset was our forest and the trees. So my work with NiiJii Capital Partners allows me to offer critical access to capital to add diversity to business and economic activities in our Tribal communities, and it is an honor to be a helping hand for MTE. I feel it is my duty as a Menominee Member to continually ask myself what I can do for my communities as often as I can – and I believe in MTE,” Pam shared.

“The help from NiiCaP to purchase this new scale will dramatically increase our productivity and efficiency, and we are very excited to put it to work,” said Rainer Shooter, Log Value Manager at MTE.


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